Favorite Product – Julienne Peeler

Okay – how I didn’t know about this treasure is beyond me.  For years I have been spending time cutting carrots into fine strips for my husband in his salads.  Then I discovered this tool for $20.00 and it is worth every penny.  I found mine at Sur La Table but if you are an Amazon shopper (it’s a prime product) – click here.  

Julienne Peeler2


Juliennes of zucchini, carrot, and sweet potato plus chopped red pepper makes a nice hash to place over an egg that has a bit of hummus and pepper sauce on top.

Julienne Peeler1 

So expect to see a lot more vegetables in uniform strips in my recipes because this shape makes my husband happy.

What do you think?  Is this a tool you would find useful in your kitchen?


You’re Not The Boss Of Me

Several years ago my daughter The Workout Mama was my personal trainer and noticed how I let the display on the scale color my days good or bad.  She actually kidnapped the little square box with digital numbers in order to give me a rest that would allow me to  concentrate on practicing healthy habits of movement and nutritious eating.  You see the scale had become a distraction to my goals and a bit of a boss.

scale - 2011

I come from a family that struggles with their weight so hopping on and off the scale was second nature from the time I young.    When Tamara took this picture of me and the scale — right before before she locked it in the trunk of her car and drove away — I felt uncertain.  But in time it was freeing and taught me to look at progress in a healthy lifestyle differently ….  We are all more than a number on a scale and success is found with every workout, each healthy choice of food or drink that goes in our mouth, the kindness we extend, the dreams we follow, etc.  Today I look at this picture and see a healthy woman in her 50’s.  Today I see a woman who was going to have some challenges in the years ahead with Interstitial Cystitis, Sleep Apnea and 2 bouts of shingles but her body is going to fight hard  to get her back on her feet.  Today I see a woman who works full-time, has energy to care for her family, and is an active grandmother to a toddler and infant.  

Silly me – I was making great progress even though I didn’t feel like it at the time of the picture!

Here is what I believe and try to put into practice.  God formed me and knows my body….this place where I live….better than anyone.  He made it to move so until I can’t move anymore, I do what I can (each day is different and I try to blend kindness for myself along with challenging myself not to do less that I can).  I practice fueling my body (most of the time) with what evidence shows are nutritious foods and drinks.  I use supplementations (a good multi-vitamin, vitamin D, fish oil, antioxidants and probiotics) because no matter how much care I take with my food, the truth is that the way our foods are grown and produced I can’t get everything I need by eating and drinking.  These days I weigh myself 1 – 2 times a week  Do I see the number I’d like to?  No but on most day I’m okay with that because I’m more than a number on a scale.

Deliciously Inspired gives me a place to share some old recipes but also what I’m learning to care for myself with the hope that you’ll find one or two things to help you.  This week I discovered a new blog.  As I read Hayley’s words I remembered the above picture and thought I’ve made progress in my relationship with the scale and that’s worth blogging about.


Labor Day Giveaway Winner(s)

Thank you for trying to figure out what I was making a few days ago – no one guessed correctly but there were 3 of you that followed the guidelines and I’ve emailed each of you for a little information so I can get the e-cookbook to you. 

The last few weeks I have been yearning for a Pancake breakfast – The pancakes were made with spelt and coconut flour topped with strawberry fruit spread, an egg with sweet potato, carrot, zucchini and red pepper hash and added sliced strawberries and cotton candy grapes.  Yes – the grapes taste like cotton candy.

Pancakes, Egg w Veg Hash, Fruit

 I hope everyone has a nice holiday.

Note:  If you missed out on winning please consider purchasing the cookbook HERE.  All proceeds minus the paypal processing fee goes to Children’s Cancer Network.  

A Few Favorites contains thirteen recipes (listed below) with color photos and is available for instant download for $4.99   TO PURCHASE – Click Here

E-Book Title Pic

Recipes:  Gluten Free Brownies, Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal, Best Ever Pancakes, Mini Crustless Omelette, Fruit Smoothie Kits, Thai Pasta Salad, Quinoa & Black Beans, Turkey Sloppy Joes, Chicken  Lentils, Monster Cookies, Extra Special Cookies, Stuffed Apples and Yogurt Parfaits