Introducing my new blog!

Every time I try something new – I experience excitement and a bit of fear all at the same time.  I felt it in October 2011 when I started playing in Facebook to create a page and typed in the words Deliciously Inspired.  It was purely by accident when I hit a button and found myself suddenly with an active site.  I have come to enjoy the page because it provides a means of sharing comments, motivation and especially what’s been happening in my kitchen and life.  But it has come to my attention that not everyone has Facebook and that the page isn’t the easiest format to find a recipe once it’s been posted.  So months ago I began dreaming of the recipes living on a Deliciously Inspired blog.  It is my intent  to copy the recipes currently on the Facebook page to the blog in the future.  The recipes posted to the blog will continue to encompass a huge range of recipes from vegan to cupcakes because that’s what can be found in my kitchen.  A special thanks to all who have liked the page – you  inspire me to continue. 

So here is how this all came about:  Life has been busy with many good things this year (especially a new grand baby) and the dedicated time to work on a blog just didn’t seem to present itself.  Enter the diagnosis of Shingles a few weeks ago and my calendar was readjusted for me.  The weekend I spend with my mom each year at a resort was cancelled, sick leave replaced time at my job, no exercise and time with my grandson was restricted  because he could catch chicken pox from me.  Add to that the fact that my husband was out of town, it became a good time to explore the creation of a blog.  

So I sat at my kitchen table looking at blogs, templates, tag lines and began writing posts on an Apple Mac instead of a PC which is another new venture for me.  I’ve always been the misfit in our family because of my affection for the PC.  But my husband who is very knowledgeable in the world of computers encouraged me that the Apple was the tool I needed to accomplish the projects that roll around in my head.   I have learned in the past that having the correct tool is extremely valuable to accomplishing projects.

Special thanks to my daughter and husband.  This project would not be where it is without their coaching, behind the scenes formatting and availability to my endless questions. 

So here we go….

Two weeks ago I decided to commit to a 28-day Plant Strong Diet.  First let me say I’m not against people eating meat.  In fact some of my favorite people eat meat and I am here to say I  still cook for them.  But I wanted to provide my body with a type of cleanse and in my research I saw many cleanses incorporate a vegan type diet.  My son-in-law, who happens to be a firefighter, suggested I look into the Engine 2 Diet.  I tried a couple of recipes from the website and they were better than good.  Then I bought the book for my Kindle and digested the information which led to the decision to give it a go for the month of August.  For more information:  In the past I have experimented with recipes that qualify as vegan and have shared several on Deliciously Inspired’s Facebook page but this is the first time I have gone meat and dairy free (with very limited oil) for an extended amount of time.

I am happy to say that after two weeks, I have not gone hungry; and I am learning a lot.  Here is the recipe for a yummy black bean burger.