Bella Rocket Blender

There are a lot of products that will make a smoothie in a few minutes and they come in various price ranges and sizes.  But it’s hard to go wrong with this blender.  I’ve been using this product for the past 4 years.  The first one lasted for 2 years and was used on a daily basis.  Kohls carries the product and this store makes it pretty easy to get things on sale.  Regular Price – $39.99   For more information – check out:
Bella Rocket Blender

What do I Luv?
1.  It’s Compact and can stay on my counter.
2.  Blends a smoothie in a matter of minutes.
3.  The mixing cup can be used to drink out of – less clean up.
4.  Easy Clean up…I fill it a third of the way with water and a small squirt of soap, screw the top back on and blend it a little.  Then rinse well and place in the drainer so it’s ready for the next use.