Deliciously Inspired – Update

It would be impossible to give an update on Deliciously Inspired without giving an update on me.  The 2012 holiday season will not  find me in the kitchen whipping up many recipes due to a hurt back that makes standing or sitting for more than a few minutes at a time.  However I am grateful to lie down on the couch with a laptop propped on pillows.  Another reason to say “Yeah!  Laptops!” 

This blog was created in August  when I was afforded some “free” time because I had the Shingles.  It now looks as if I will be given a similar gift of time to grow the blog with another project I’ve wanted to do.  I have a lot of recipes that have been housed on the Facebook Page or in my personal cookbooks that need to get over to the blog.  The recipes have been created,  pictures taken and lucky for me an apron isn’t even required for what I want to do.  Although I may put my Christmas apron on so it adds to my Christmas spirit as I create the posts.  I hope you will enjoy the recipes and posts that will follow in the coming weeks as I look through my archived resources to share with you.

The Archives