Snowman Button Gift Tag

One piece of card stock will make several of these cute gift tags.  The skies the limit with color variations.  Perfect for attaching to a homemade baked good or attached to a gift.  Your To and From can be written on the back of the card.

Snowman Button Gift Card


Brown Card Stock – cut in 2 1/4″ by 3 1/2″ piece
Corner Round Punch, optional
Hole Punch – Small or a wooden skewer can be used to poke hole
Small Star Sticker or Sticker of your choice
1/8″ colored ribbon or crochet thread
Button – 2 large white buttons (2 eyes)
Button – 1 small white button (2 eyes)
Craft Glue that dries clear
Ribbon for bow


1.  Tie bow from ribbon
2.  Cut a 12 ” piece of thin ribbon or crochet thread 
3.  Shape top corners with punch or cut a diagonal with scissors
4.  Place sticker about 1/3″ in the top middle
5.  Using small hole punch or skewer make a hole in the middle of the sticker.  
6.  Fold 1/8″ colored ribbon or crochet thread in half and thread folded side through hole.  A loop will be formed – thread the loose ends through the open loop and pull tight. Double knot to secure.
7.  Place a dab of glue on a large button and place 1/4″ from bottom of card.  Glue the second large button on top of the first button.  
8.  Place a dab of glue on the bow and place on top of the 2nd large button.
9.  Place a dab of glue on the smaller button (making sure the eyes of the button are horizontal so they resemble eyes.
10. Let sit until glue sets.