Spare Dish Drainer

Many times when I’m in the kitchen I find myself with the dishwasher going, the dish drain that sits to the right of my sink completely full; and I still have dishes in the soapy water that require a place to land.   Look below for the list of common kitchen items needed to create this spare drainer the next time you find yourself in this situation.  Note:  During a holiday clean up – this creates two drying stations so people aren’t running into one another.  

Spare Kitchen Drainer
Items Needed
Cutting Board or Cookie Sheet
Kitchen Towel
Cooling Rack
1.  Tuck the ends of the towel around the long ends of the cutting board.  If a cookie sheet is being used – turn it upside down before tucking towel ends.
2.  I like to place this about 3 inches from a kitchen wall.  This way I can utilize the space behind for larger items such as a pan or shallow bowl.
3.  Place cooling rack (yes – the very thing used to cool cookies, etc. on) on top of the towel.