Jelly Bean Spring Centerpiece

It is fun to have something new and fresh for the upcoming holiday.  Begin to pick up your supplies a little at a time over the next few weeks and you’ll have everything you need to quickly assemble this sweet centerpiece.  


Here is how I created this decoration:

Square Vase –  I didn’t have a square glass vase so I went to the thrift store and found one for $3.  With a little soap and water it looked brand new.  This is a great shaped vase to have for other reasons – I use mine when I am placing an assortment of munchies out for a gathering.  It works well for pretzels, cookies, etc.

Jelly Beans and Flowers – Here is where you can make the centerpiece your own. There are so many different colors of jelly beans and flowers.  I purchased 3 packages of jelly beans and pink flowers at The Dollar Store. 

Peeps – I decided on bunnies because I’m just that kind of girl.  But these come in a variety of colors and shapes.  Purchase enough to go around the sides of your vase.  These can be found at grocery or drug stores. 

Foam Square – Purchase a piece of foam that will sit in the bottom of the vase at  craft store.

Now you are ready to put together:

1.  The block of foam should not fit the entire space.  Cut it down using a serrated sharp knife so there is an area for the jelly beans.  Use the picture as your guide.

2.  Pour the layer of jelly beans around the foam.

3.  Stack the peeps on top of the jelly beans.

4.  Insert the flowers into the foam.  My stems were a little long so I shortened by bending and using wire cutters.  Sometimes you can shorten by just bending and twisting.



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