Jewelry Organization – Pins

  Okay so over the years I have been given, purchased and inherited many costume jewelry pins.  Pins are great.  They bring cuteness/classiness to scarves, jackets, shirts or sweaters.   I used to especially love to wear them when I worked in the office of an elementary school; the children notice when you are wearing a bunny pin.

  So back to the project – I took a moment to think how I could bring all my pins together and in one glance see all my options.  The exciting part is I didn’t buy a thing.  I grabbed a sturdy hanger and pulled a top I used to wear under suits (don’t wear those much lately) and started pinning.  No – I’m not talking about Pinterest.  This now hangs on the back of my closet door and problem solved.  In the future I may transfer this to piece of clothing with a bit more body but for now I’m content.

Jewelry Organization - Pins

  My jewelry is in a much better organizational state than it was and I’ve been using the systems for over a week.  I have definitely been utilizing my pretties more and have a more pulled-together look for work.

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Always remember you are a precious jewel so get out in the world and sparkle.