Day 10 May Blog Post-Glitter

Today’s topic: Share an embarrassing moment – Spill….


There is a Christmas season I vividly remember.  My daughter , Tamara, was a teenager and discovering the world of makeup.   We were minutes from stepping out the front door to head to an afternoon Christmas Eve service when she looked at me and offered to spruce up my makeup.   I had already taken a look at her makeup and determined it met mine and her dad’s approval rating. So I thought why not take a few minutes so she could practice her new skill set.  She was so excited as I sat on the bed and she pulled out her supplies that were going to turn me into something special.

A few minutes later we heard my husband calling us from downstairs saying we were going to be late if we didn’t get going now. With a final brush to my face, Tamara stated I looked wonderful and we joined my husband and son in the car. My husband glanced over at me with an odd expression but I decided to let it pass thinking he was a little annoyed because we were a few minutes late getting out the door.

I remember walking into church feeling extremely dressed up for the occasion. The service was wonderful and we all left the sanctuary with the anticipation of other holiday memories to come. But before we left for home, I needed to use the restroom while my family headed to the car. I smiled at everyone I made eye contact with on my way because the “pretty” was still working for me. As the smiles were returned I thought – My what a friendly group of people these were.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized the person staring back at you? I have. As I washed my hands I glanced up and had to do a double take. I suddenly realized that because we were running late I hadn’t taken the time to look at my makeup. I froze. I glanced down at the sink. It must be the lighting. I looked into the mirror again. It wasn’t the lighting. Staring back at me was a glittery sparkling human Christmas decoration.

 I knew the makeup my daughter used had a glitter element but I hadn’t realized that everything: the foundation, eye makeup and let’s not talk about the blush all had diamond sparkles in them. I took a wet paper towel and did my best to wipe my face down. It is almost impossible to get glitter off especially when you aren’t a teenager and you have creases they get caught in.  No wonder those people had such amused smiles on their faces. I made my way to the car where my family was waiting and turned to my husband asking if he knew I was so glittery. He said yes but had decided not to mention it since both Tamara and I seemed so pleased with the results.

Well it’s years later (probably 14) and the embarrassment has morphed into amusement. We as moms often put ourselves in situations to help our children grow which in turn help us grow. I will tell you that I’ve never been able to wear a makeup item with too much glitter in it since and remember this time as the Christmas I sparkled.




  1. At least you matched the season! But I can’t believe no one you knew said anything about how much glitter you had on! I don’t know if I would be able to use make-up with any glitter in it if this had happened to me!


    • Hi Juliann,
      I did indeed match the season. I also think when you go from “no glitter” to glitter, it’s a huge transition. I’m not sure how you approach someone who has a lot of glitter on especially in a church environment? Hi – by the way did you know you are pretty sparkly? Thanks for your comment.