Day 17 May Blog Challenge

Today’s May Blog Challenge topic is:

Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why

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I am not like a lot of you.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  They have impromptu pictures taken of them by others or worse yet they take pictures of themselves holding their own camera phone and they look wonderful.  No, that is not me – just like some people don’t look good in hats (I happen to be one of those also) – I for some reason don’t come out of picture taking times with too many keepers.  That is why this picture is so special to me.  A professional was brought in and boy, did she know her stuff .

When I saw this picture for the first time, I was crazy happy because this is who I see looking back at me in the mirror on most days.  I love that this picture was taken outside, the way the sundown created magical lighting, that my 50-plus-year-old wrinkles were left in (hey – I’ve earned every one of those), that I can see the little girl I once was and especially that I had a good hair day.  



  1. That is how things are for me! Few pictures of me alone. I am really not too fond of most pictures that are snapped that have me in them. 🙂 We are so hard on ourselves.

    • Hi Paula,
      Thanks for stopping by. I have tried to take pictures of myself with my phone and I honestly can’t figure out how they do it – it’s a talent of the generation behind us. Have a sweet day. Here’s looking at you – 🙂 sometimes I crack myself up.

  2. You look absolutely stunning and I love your hair!! Following you back from the blog every day in May challenge 🙂

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thank you for your kind words. I’ll probably be using this picture for the rest of my life. Very nice to meet you. I am following you also.