Day 19 May Blog Challenge – My A List of Blogs



Today’s Topic for the May Blog Challenge:

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

1.  The Workout Mama –

What I love – Tamara provides fitness and nutritional information, journals her pregnancy and motherhood days, chronicles the years of illness and back to health and recipes.  Most important – she is my daughter and I am very proud of the way she is investing and encouraging others.

2.  Lemonade Makin Mama –

What I love – Sasha takes the most beautiful pictures.  She is a master at home decorating and has an Etsy shop with adorable mason jar tea towels.   She is a transparent blogger who chats from her heart.

3.  Mix and Match Mama –

What I love – Shay has a collection of cake recipes that all use a cake mix as the base that can keep you oohing and ahhing for days.   She is down to earth and also shares her journey with infertility before she had her children.  Plus Sean from the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars is blessed to have her as his big sister.

4.  Katherine’s Corner –

What I love – A place for photos, recipes and crafts but what I appreciate the most about Katherine is how she shares information relevant to the new blogger, ie. a place to link giveaways, etc.

5.  Beauty Blondie –

What I love – Elizabeth has these instructional videos that teach makeup and hair techniques.  One morning I hadn’t slept well and she showed how to quickly give yourself a wide awake look by just applying makeup in a certain way.

I have been blessed in this new blog world to have connected to such special people and their sites.

Hope you’ll check them out 🙂 



  1. thank you for including me xoxoxo