Day 22 May Blog Challenge – Words

The May Blog Challenge for today is:

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

I curled up on the couch this weekend and began watching a movie with my husband.  It was an interesting story – with popular stars and I said “I don’t remember this movie.”  My husband looked at me and said that’s because when it was at the theaters it was an R rating for language.  Oh – that did kind of explain it.  You see I have this thing about foul language  in movies, songs and books.  You can tell me they are just words and I couldn’t agree with you more but they are words that normally make people feel worse not better.  I think they are a cop out most of the time – if you are a writer – then don’t fill space in a script or lyrics in a song by using these words – explain to me in words you wouldn’t be ashamed of saying in front of your child, your niece, nephew, and God what you are trying to communicate.  Stretch your vocabulary – stretch yourself – dig deep and be all you can be as a writer and tell me a story that sticks with me because I absorb every single word.



  1. Agree!