Day 31 May Blog Challenge-More than a Bike

Today’s May Blog Challenge is:

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

Bike - Bench

Growing up when I did afforded me the luxury of going off at an early age for short bike rides. I remember this being freeing.  It was empowering to have my own mode of transportation – to decide how fast I went, whether I went this way or that, to feel the wind in my face – to pretend I was a car and use the line in the sidewalk like it was a road.  (Now I also remember riding in an ambulance at the age of 7 after I was hit by a car by a mom who turned around to discipline her children – mild concussion – but weathered it okay).

Fast Forward to High School – I didn’t have much physical endurance – my family thought throwing horseshoes was an Olympic sport.  My best friend is a jock and convinces me it would be fun to ride our bikes to high school.  She forgot to tell me we would be going uphill (although I should have know that since I rode the bus everyday but a bus and peddling a bike are two different things) and crossing creeks.  I tossed my cookies on the way there and fell in the creek.

Fast Forward – Four years ago  I’m diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and told bike riding isn’t a good fit anymore but with determination and the help of some knowledgeable people I work hard and last year got back on my bike fitted with the Cadillac comfort seat my son bought me.  I am happy to say on good days I RIDE; and I am once again empowered. 



  1. Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t wait to try some of your great recipes. I love the bike story, too funny. And I am very familiar with IC – very bad for me. Do you know that many make-ups (eye shadow) trigger this as well as …get this…cranberry juice and any other acidic-type juice? I eliminated them and mine disappeared! I wish doctors would tell you this stuff.

    I’m a fan and following your blog. We have much in common.

    • Hi Kim – So glad you came to visit. You are the 2nd person I’ve connected with on the May Blog Challenge with IC. Sorry! I knew to stay away from the acid type juice but I’ve never heard of the connection with eye shadow (what’s up with that affecting the bladder?) I am glad you were able to find relief by eliminating items. Thank you for your kind words regarding the bike post and I’m very excited to stay connected. Your post touched my heart and I’m going to spend a little time and read a few more of your posts. Have a great day – ps I like the title of your blog.