Uncomfortableness – Day 3 May Blog Challenge

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

There is a piece of me that wrestles with itself “the UNcomfortableness of not knowing how to do things.” Getting started with this challenge is a perfect example and is no reflection on the blog challenge instructions; it is about me being in a learning curve.

“I would love it if you put the challenge button in your blog sidebar” the instructions requested. Sure I can do that – after all, I know what a sidebar is – right? But it’s not that easy to a newbie who measures her success in publishing a post with a picture in it. Yet I try.. Attempt 1 – no; Attempt 2 – nope (my stomach tightens); Attempt 3 – (Hey, isn’t there some code and shouldn’t I be folding laundry instead of doing this?) Attempt 4 – (Yea – found the code and finally the button sits on my blog sidebar.)

I’m very blessed to have a support system to help me through these technical challenes and yet there are times people who are more knowledgable often speak fast and in a language I don’t understand. They often become passionate and their voice gets louder which doesn’t make a teachable moment for me. However, I realize that there are areas I’m more knowledgable in than others. Suddenly in my mind I see a mirror that shows I can be like this also. I say a quick prayer that I will learn to be quieter, slower in speech and talk a simplier language the next time someone asks me something.

But on the other side – I am a questioner – a seeker – someone who will spend time trying to find out something that is important to me or others. And I like this – it takes me on treasure hunts; and because it has happened in past situations there is an anticipated joy when the lightbulb in my head turns on and I know more about something than when I started.

I think that both parts of me work together for my good – one humbles me and the other teaches me perseverance.