Keep Snacks Simple and Handy

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Here are a few healthy snack ideas that taste great and can help us stay true to our goals: 

1. Vegetable Packs are an awesome grab and go snack.   Pick out a few of your favorite veggies.  Clean and prep.  Place in sandwich bags.  This way when your tummy starts grumbling you have an appealing snack to turn to.  Make it extra special by adding a small container of hummus and an olive or two.  

Snack Packs - 4

It’s easy to make your cucumbers pretty. Scrape down the sides with a fork and slice.
Snack Pack - Cucumbers

Prep your veggies, olives, etc.  Then place an assortment in each bag.
Snack Pack - Ingredients

 Here are a few other ideas:

2.  Nuts – stick to raw and unsalted.  Trader Joe’s has a wonderful assortment of nuts.  Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts are your best bets because they are lower in fat.  Repack in 1/4 cup portions in snack size Ziploc bags.  Portion control is essential because they are higher in calories.
3. Hummus and an assortment of Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers and a few Kalamata Olives.  Try to find a hummus with a small amount of olive oil.  Hummus comes in all kinds of flavors – be adventurous.
4.  Salsa and Low Salt Tortilla Chips.  Read the label on the chips and portion out the amount on a plate so you are in control of how much you eat.  It’s amazing how many more chips we can eat when we just eat out of the bag.  Salsa Recipe
5.  Make up some bags of grapes and place in the freezer.  These are fun to eat.
6.  Apples, Oranges, Clementines, Pears, Bananas – oh my.  These are ready with a rinse under the faucet and a peel.   Natures fast food.
No matter what you eat – eat intentionally.  Make your plate or presentation as pretty as you can.  Visit a Goodwill and buy one or two pretty little plates that are used for your snacks.  Buy a pretty package of paper napkins to serve with your snack.  How a food is served is satisfying and appealing to more senses than taste and smell.
What is your favorite healty snack?