Polish Me Pretty

I am by no means an expert on the subject of polishing my own nails but I’m improving.  I thought I’d pass on what I’ve learned.  Disclaimer – I am only proficient on the toes – maybe someday I’ll graduate to fingers.  

Nail Polish - Product

1.  Find someone that knows what they are doing and is open to teaching you about the subject.  My son’s girlfriend is a nail professor.  Ulta doesn’t intimidate her – she maneuvers the store like a guided missile.  She gave me 2 polishes and a crystal nail file for Christmas last year that I keep in the same place so I know right where to find them.  I can’t claim to do the same with my computer and phone chargers.

2.  Taking old polish off.  This tip is a keeper.  One or two cotton balls and remover is all you need.  For more information click HERE

3.  Okay ladies over 50 – I’ve being real here.  Wear your glasses when polishing.

4.  Don’t worry about imperfections – when the polish goes where it shouldn’t.  Use a cuticle stick dipped in nail polish remover and remove excess.  You can always let dry and then remove – sometimes I find that easier. 

5. Admire your work once the last little piggie is done.

Nail Polish - done

6. Put your feet up and chill while the polish dries. We all know the feeling of bumping a toe and the polish isn’t quite dry. Groan!

Nail Polish - Toes drying

Now you know everything I know.  We learn so much from one another.  Please share in the comment area if you have a favorite polish color or nail tip.