One Workout At A Time

We all know we should move and include cardio, strength and flexibility in our lives but that is often easier said than done.  We have good intentions and start strong only to get bored or hurt. I think one of the most valuable tools we have is working with someone who knows what they are doing and provides a plan to follow.

Saying-Look in the mirror

The Workout Mama Bootcamp sounded great –  receive 3 new workouts each week, a warm up/cool down routine, a 30 minute yoga class plus the benefit of an accountability group for $40.00.  The fact that the program would allow me to do the workouts at home when they fit into my schedule appealed to me.  I had done a few bootcamp classes in the past but nothing that would ask this type of consistency from me .  But I kept hearing you are 55, you haven’t been well, you could get hurt messages rolling around in my head.  In addition I’ve worked with Tamara before and knew this wasn’t going to be a cakewalk.  

Those thoughts were my biggest obstacle because 2012-2013 had messed with my confidence.  Here is a little background – not too much – don’t want to bore you.  .  PS – I’m including links for educational purposes.  In the past 14 months I’ve had shingles twice, been hospitalized for stroke assessment, had a thyroid biopsy and have a chronic condition called interstitial cystitis.  I’ve spent quite a few days on the couch and when you are in your 50’s, it doesn’t take too many days of that to lose muscle and start putting on pounds. 

It had been weeks since I’d be released from doctors and told I could get back to my life with no restrictions.  I knew in my heart it was time to not only challenge myself but to take those thoughts captive.  So I prayed and signed up with 2 main goals: Complete all workouts in the 5 weeks to the best of my ability and Gain some of my lost confidence back. It takes a lot of courage to step back into life because life may not look exactly the same as it did – author Carol Kent calls it “your new normal.”   

Well I am happy to report that I met my goals, increased my strength and endurance, and lost a few pounds and inches.  I am planning on being part of the November session and the reason why is that I get in the same routine with my exercise and Tamara shakes it up.   You can sign up HERE

I have an amazing life (God, family, friends, job and this blog) but if I don’t take care of this body (this jar of clay) to the best of my ability I won’t be able to experience all that is in store for me.  I want to grow older being able to tie my shoes, play with my grandchildren, and explore new hiking trails.

Fall 2012 - Debbie and Caden

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