Turkey and Cheese Lettuce Wraps

Looking for a low carb sandwich?  Use large romaine lettuce leaves as your bread.  The avocado spread on this wrap is creamy, spicy and provides a healthy fat. 

Turkey and Cheese Lettuce Wraps

Turkey and Cheese Lettuce Wrap
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  1. 1/4 Avocado, ripe
  2. Yellow Mustard
  3. Cayenne Pepper - to taste
  4. 2 large romaine lettuce leaves
  5. 2 cheese slices (I used Boar's Head swiss cheese)
  6. 4 thin slices of turkey breast (I used Boar's Head)
  7. Tomato - sliced thin
  8. Salt and Pepper, to taste.
  9. Microgreens, if desired
  1. Mash avocado - drizzle mustard (to your taste) on top and sprinkle cayenne pepper (to your taste) and combine well.
  2. Spread half on each romaine lettuce leaf.
  3. Then layer cheese, turkey, tomato and micro greens.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste.
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Turkey and Cheese Lettuce Wraps - spread



  1. Using lettuce wraps is a great idea. Funny how it feels normal to have a sandwich between bread and weird between lettuce leaves. And between leaves makes for a really sloppy hamburger. Regardless….it always tastes delish. 😉 Maybe some day I’ll get used to it. 😉

  2. We have been doing this a lot lately since my husband was told to go gluten free. Boar’s Head is gluten free, and I discovered other brands of meats are not. It is more expensive but for our current diets, worth it! Thanks for participating in the Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I am a fan of lettuce wraps and these look wonderful. ♥

  4. I really enjoyed this recipe, i think it would make an excellent substitute for turkey sandwich for lunch! and also i love avocado and will have to try it out with mustard.. this is an awesome idea! thanks for sharing your post on Thursday Favorite things link party.

  5. These wraps look so delish and healthy. Perfect for Spring/ Summer dining!

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    • Hi Karena,
      I’m glad you like the recipe. They are especially refreshing when the weather gets warm. Thanks for leaving a comment.