Grandma’s Hospital Bag

We are excited because our granddaughter is due any day now.  Since our grandson arrived a few weeks before his due date we thought the same might hold true of his sister.  But this little one is perfectly content safe and snug in mommy which we all know is for the best and that she’ll come when it’s time.

So we have the plan laid out – who will be doing what and when.  My job is to get to the hospital as soon as I get the call.  We all hear about what the expectant mama is packing for the hospital but I decided I needed my own bag so if I was at work and wearing a skirt I’d be prepared.  As I was packing my bag I thought maybe there are others that would be interested in this information as well.  Step 1 – You need a bag…

31 Tote

I chose this tote from Thirty-One.  This company has so many cute and useful items in their product line.  I’m all for Cute but let’s face it the Functionality needs to be there or you’re just throwing money away. Of course I needed something with pink to help mark the occasion.  This bag is so well organized with compartments that are pockets, zippers and even has a place on the side for a water bottle.  It also fits comfortably on the shoulder.  I also bought the key holder – so cute with all those polka dots.  

Grandma Bag

 Step 2 – You need to pack.  This is what is in my bag:

Columbia Hiking Pants – These pants have some stretch in them and absorb sweat.  When you are helping someone with back labor it’s important to be comfy and able to move.

Black short sleeve t-shirt

A lightweight long sleeve jacket – probably won’t need but sometimes hospitals can be cold.

A sports bra

Balega Cushioned Sports Sock – This socks are comfy.  Love – love these.

Comfy Shoes 

Hair Ties and Crystal Nail File – a rough nail is not appreciated by a woman in labor that needs her back massaged and my hair needs to be out of my eyes.

Medicine – I want to take care of myself and have what I might need.  This is no time for a headache, etc.

Washcloth – A soft washcloth is nice to use in an ice bath to cool off mommy’s skin.

Snacks – Raw nuts, Zing Bars and Bottled Water – to keep me nourished

Camera – make sure you have one even if it’s on your phone.

Wallet, Keys, Cell Phone, Charger and Directions to the Hospital.  – will be switched from purse to bag.

I am now ready.

My room

I mentioned to my daughter this weekend that I think the baby will be here soon because I’ve been nesting.  That made her laugh but seriously I was able to create some order with children’s toys in our living room.  I’m still waiting on a few pieces of the storage solution but will try to remember to share sometime in the future.  I also decided to clean closets in two rooms on Sunday.  I questioned my sanity but you know how it is – you start with an idea and then one thing turns into another.  Soon I had two rooms in total disarray.  I was very motivated to keep plugging along since a call for the baby could come at anytime.  But all is well and it feels good to finish a project that has been on the list for years – an official workout/writing/craft and sewing room.  Once I had things organized I discovered several items I could use  to decorate  ( a quilt sampler my mom had given me, the thrift store vase from my aunt’s 80th birthday party and a lamp that had old potpourri in its base (I replaced with some cranberry wooden beads and used a hand painted mason jar that was also used for my aunt’s party which gave the lamp a new look).  I am happy to say I didn’t buy one thing.  I am very thankful to my daughter for not going into labor which she assures me she had no control over and if she had we’d have a baby now.  

Well my instincts were right on – the baby was born shortly after this post was published.  Here is our sweetie pie.. 

Maisie-hospital bag



  1. This is too cute!!! I have a long long way to go before I am a Grandma but I know I will have a bag too!! Where is the camera??? That was #1 on my hospital list! LOL!

    • Hi April,

      Thanks for dropping by – my iPhone had a camera which I used but I appreciate the comment and am making sure that camera is included in the post because you are right – it’s so important.

  2. What a great idea! Congrats – hope your grandbaby arrives soon!

  3. That is a inspired idea, for sure!

    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks for stopping by. The baby arrived the day after I posted it and really made getting in the car easier.

  4. I needed this…I slept in the room when my grandson was on the way and I was not prepared one bit. We now have the second one …don’t know the due date yet. But I will do this next time. Great idea!

  5. Our sweet granddaughter arrived on May 28th – it’s a good thing I had my bag ready. I was so thankful that everything was ready to go when I received the call because really the only thing you can think of doing at that moment (especially when it comes late at night) is get dressed, grab your stuff and head out.

  6. This is such a great idea! This will be my first grandbaby birth(my son has two but they were far from home. Now my only daughter is pregnant with her first child, she’s due in Jan. Nine months sure didn’t seem this long when we were pregnant!

    • Hi Rena,
      I am so excited for your January big date and pray your daughter’s pregnancy is a sweet experience. I will be updating the post because I want to make sure to clarify that I had a camera on my phone because a camera is very important. Thanks for leaving a comment – they always delight my heart.

  7. THis should be a chapter added to the pregnancy gold standard ”What to Expect When You’re Expecting”! A very helpful summary for anyone planning to be with an expectant mother in labor!
    I would include in the bag a toothbrush and toothpaste. When helping coach breathing, hours into labor, the mom-to-be will appreciate your fresh breath in her face!

    • Hi Susan,
      Great tip about the toothbrush which has now been added into the post. I left you a comment on your site – I’m a new follower. Take care and thanks for stopping by.