This morning I put my comfy clothes on, pulled my hair on top of my head and headed to the park to have some fun while I took a walk. I thought I’d share the experience and my thoughts.

Park Path - 6-13-14

What do you do to nourish yourself with things other than food?  What activities, sounds, colors make your heart wake up and add a spark to your day?  What would you like to learn more about?  It’s worth taking the time to find out and it’s  a good practice to reevaluate every so often because we are hopefully growing and what was once interesting to us may not remain so.  Sometimes we need to explore new paths.

When I started Deliciously Inspired my pictures were taken from a low-end camera; I then graduated to the camera on my iPhone (which I still use often for my Facebook pictures).   But last year we had some free points on our credit card and decided to use them toward a Rebel Canon Camera.  It all seemed a bit overwhelming – the buttons, dials, and lens.  Learning technology isn’t something that comes easily to me.  So for my birthday I received a photography class from my husband; and it was helpful but I can’t say I still understand  FStops, ISO, etc.   But you know what?  It doesn’t really matter that I don’t get all that stuff because it’s fun and every once in awhile, God smiles and let’s me capture something that means something to me and maybe to you too.  Besides – It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.  Hope you enjoy sharing my morning with me.

Duck - 6-13-14
This little duck looks like it’s been through a hard time or maybe it’s a older duck – no matter – the movement of the duck created beauty in the water.

Hats Go For A Walk
It is lovely to see a couple out for a morning stroll. These two were in no hurry. They would stop, point at something they saw and appreciate. It was 85 degrees and they were in jackets and loved the hats.

Clouds - 6-13-14
The sky is always a good reminder to look up. Creation offers encouragement in the color of the sky or the sprinkling of clouds.

Well, that’s some pictures from my walk in the park.

This next picture wasn’t taken this morning but it is one of my favorite photos (the lighting was a gift) because the tomatoes came from my dad’s garden and I know they were grown with love. Here is the link to recipe

Avocado Tomato Snack1

Now I think I’ll go float in the pool for a bit – not swim. Hey sometimes we just need to slow down and look at the reflection of the trees in the water and the patterns the sun creates at the bottom of the pool.

I’d love to hear what nourishes you?



  1. I love this idea of nurishing the soul!! The tomato avocado snack is not bad too!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for the sweet note. I keep learning how important taking time for ourselves is. Hope you enjoy the snack recipe if you decide to try.

  2. I love looking at life through other people’s eyes. That’s one of the beauties of photography and blogs. I think it helps to keep us in touch with other people and not get so focused in on ourselves. We just have to remember to look around and get our head out of all the electronics. Have you ever noticed on walks all the people still typing on their phones, ha ha. Too funny. Love your photos. The older couple is so cute. Hope that is me and my honey one day.