Hummus and Gluten Free Crackers

These are two of my favorite products to snack on – add in a nice assortment of fresh vegetables and you are good to go.  I found these product at Sprouts.

Cedar's HummusC

 Cedar’s has several yummy flavors of hummus (Classic, Red Pepper, Artichoke Kalamata and others) 

Miltons' GF CrackersT

These are yummy and also come in several flavors.

Here are a few more healthy snack ideas from earlier posts

If you’d like to make your own hummus – here’s how you do it

What is your favorite healthy snack?



  1. Hello friend, we here at the Morgan home love hummus and sea salt. I haven’t seen these crackers yet. I need to look for them. Have you tried the organic 85% dark chocolate with sea salt yet??? OMG, it is so good it is no longer allowed in the house. No self control here, ha ha. Can’t wait to try the above combo. Thanks.

    • Hi Kim,

      I’ll look for the chocolate you recommended – sounds good. I just buzzed into your website and am so excited you are using Rafflecopter and have a giveaway – you go girl 🙂

  2. I’m so glad hummus exists! That’s the best healthy snack out there. Hummus is the only thing that will make me snack on vegetable too!

    • Hi Kate – Thanks for stopping by. I agree hummus definitely fancies cut up vegetables.