About Me

I live in Tempe, AZ with my husband of 38 years.  We have raised two wonderful children, have 2 children of our heart (our son-in-law and daughter-in-law) and have the privilege of being grandparents to two beautiful grandchildren.

I enjoy cooking, crafting, spending time with God, exercising, teaching women at local churches, coaching others in their healthy lifestyles, learning, being with my family and friends and of course blogging.  I work full time at a university as an Events Coordinator and am the creator of Deliciously Inspired.

Deliciously Inspired’s mission is to inspire healthy habits in an environment of continued learning. One of the greatest components of being successful in our nutrition, fitness, health, home, family, emotions, relationships, and walk with the Lord is the ability to grow and search for the resources that fit today’s need. We think of resources as a variety of 3 x 5 recipes cards, ideas that have the ability to enhance life one day at a time. The goal is to enable individuals to take care of themselves so they are in a better position to positively touch their circle of influence which in turn has the potential to make the world a better place.  

It is my heart’s desire to share what I have found to be helpful with the hope others may find the information beneficial as well, especially in the areas of nutrition, exercise,  the management of chronic pain, and health issues so lives can be lived as fully as possible.   I will often post of Interstitial Cystitis, Shingles with Permanent Nerve Pain, Hypoglycemia and  Sleep Apnea because these impact my life.  I believe that Life can be delicious, that inspiration comes in many shapes and forms and sometimes we just need a new recipe in some given area (food, exercise, nutrition, organization, etc) that encourages us to make life fresh and hopeful again.  

 It’s my hope that you will find an idea or two that inspires and enhances your life.

Two Things I Strive For:
1. What I do makes God smile.
2. Remembering it doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Here are a few recipes to enhance life one day at a time:


Spring Chicken Salad with Fresh Basil Chicken

Almond Joy Bites

Progress Pictures (Since Beginning on February 16, 2015)IMG_2019