Winner Announced – 2013 Christmas Giveaway

I was so excited this morning to see who won the giveaway, I put off exercising until after work.  I poured myself a cup of chocolate tea, put on my glasses (feeling a bit like an elf), logged into Rafflecopter and clicked the CHOOSE WINNER button. 

Christmas 2013 Giveaway1

 Bear with me just a minute while I share a few thoughts:

I want to thank each of you that participated and welcome you if you are new to Deliciously Inspired.  You blessed my socks off with your sweet comments about the items in the giveaway but the traditions shared were so precious and they truly gave me moments of sweet reflection in my own life as well as banking some ideas I would like to try in the future.  If you are reading this I would encourage you to go back to this POST and read the comments – you just might be inspired to try a new idea or two.  Just a sec – Taking a sip of tea –  Okay I’m back.  Soon I was replying as if we were old friends and I was sharing a few traditions I have experienced in my 55 years…going to my grandparent’s house on Christmas Eve to open gifts, my grandmother making fudge and having ribbon candy out and making PJs for my two children each year.  But one tradition I love is going to Christmas Eve service.  There is a decision that is asked of me to put aside my to do list, slow down and celebrate the fact that God’s love was big enough to send a Savior in the form of a baby – just for me – just for you.  If you’d like to get a laugh about one of my Christmas Eve services – click HERE.

Please know that I wish I had a box to send to each of you and hope you enjoyed dreaming a bit about the possibility of winning.  Here is a little secret – you can find similar items for nominal prices at stores around you.  They weren’t expensive items (not that you aren’t absolutely worth spending a lot of money on) so if you wanted the juicer put it on your Christmas list as a stocking stuffer, if you want a new Christmas picture – check out your thrift shops, or need new towels – go to Ross or Marshals.



Krystal – Congratulations.  I will be sending you an email asking for your shipping address.  Once I hear from you – I’ll send you the electronic copy of Deliciously Inspired’s A Few Favorites Cookbook and get the box of goodies off to you.  Please respond no later than Sunday, October 27th.  If I don’t hear from you I will go back to Rafflecopter and click the Choose Winner button again.

I pray that you each have a blessed Christmas.

Hugs, Debbie




Deliciously Inspired’s Christmas 2013 Giveaway

NOTE:  This giveaway closed on October 23, 2013 @ 12:01 a.m.

I know we will soon be moving into the busy time of the holiday season so I wanted to take this time in October to have a little Christmas fun.  

Christmas 2013 Giveaway1

So this summer I began picking up a few items for Deliciously Inspired’s First Christmas giveaway.

First an adorable Santa picture with a hanger that is built in the top of the frame.

Second there are 2 packages of red gingham paper napkins.

Third item is a white kitchen towel – which is good to use all year round.

Fourth is one of my favorite kitchen tools – a citrus juicer (Perfect to use when making this Hummus Recipe.)

Last but not least a compact bottle opener.

Okay one more thing…Deliciously Inspired’s A Few Favorites Cookbook (ebook).

How fun would it be to get this package in the mail?

It’s easy to enter – just click below.  The last day is October 23, 2013 to put your name in the hat to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are a few other Christmas ideas.

I would love to hear from you.  What item would you enjoy getting the most in this giveaway?  OR What is a favorite tradition you have during the Christmas season?