A Week In Review – 5/10/14

Here is a glimpse into my week…

Mother's Day 2014 - Essence Bakery
This year I took my mom, daughter (and my granddaughter who we will meet in a couple of weeks) to a local French bakery on Friday to celebrate Mother’s Day.  We feasted on Chicken Pot Pie, Quiche Lorraine, croissants and dessert treats.  We left with happy tummies.  The mini fruit tart was my favorite.

Macaroons - Baking A Moment
Here is where I found my inspiration for my French themed Mother’s Day Celebration..One night I was taking a few minutes to check out new blogs and ran across Allie at Baking A Moment. I love the title of her blog because I believe food helps create special moments and when I looked at her picture I almost felt like I could reach in and help myself to one of the macaroons.

Looking Up
There is something about laying on the grass with the lens of the camera pointing upward. There are so many things to take notice of- the shapes and colors of the leaves are all so different just like each of us.  The ash tree truck and branches reach toward the sunshine and the sky is full of possibilities.

Contigo Water Bottle
This is my favorite new product – Contigo Water Bottle.  The top opens and closes with one finger.  It fits nicely in my car and in the gym machine water holders.  The design of the holder is great when your hands are full – two fingers is all you need.  On Saturday I celebrated Mother’s Day with my son and girlfriend.  We went to a fitness class (I filled up my water bottle twice) and although I modified most of the moves I burned 691 calories in an hour.  

What Kind of Mom - Pinterest
I came across some writing I had done back in the late 90’s and decided to start posting on the blog.  In case you missed – You can Click Here

Saying - I don't want to brag
A little something funny..

I’d love for you to share something that happened in your week.