Picture Makeover for Holidays

I am constantly looking for ideas that provide functionality and decor options as we continue to settle into our smaller home. 

I’ve wanted something to put over the buffet that had a Christmas theme but haven’t come across the print, size or dollar amount I wanted.   Plus I didn’t want another picture to store.  Then  I got the idea of covering the existing picture that hangs in this area with holiday gift wrap to provide a blank slate.  I’m pretty happy with how this project came out.

This is the picture I removed from the wall.

I used a good quality wrapping paper and blue painters tape to adhere.

My goal was to be able to use the bow and letters over each year and also not damage the picture  underneath.  Using a piece of jute in the corner (I glued with a bit of hot glue on each end) allowed me to tie the bow onto the jute instead of gluing the bow directly onto the paper.

I purchased 3 wood letters from Hobby Lobby and a $1.99 bottle of red chalk paint.  

Two coats of red, then a clear wax and finally a dark wax layer and they were ready to be adhered.  

I chose this product to adhere the letters to the paper.  They worked great.

Bow and letters attached.

Why I love this idea?

  • The roll of wrapping paper can be used for many years to come.
  • The only storage will be the bow and letters.
  • The motif can be easily changed up,
  • JOY – Jesus Only You is perfect to sit above the manger scene I’ve had since childhood.
  • It’s easy and fast.
  • Can be used for other holidays
  • It’s frugal.

Hershey Bar Mummies

Several years ago I made these out of Hershey Bars, googly eyes, black card stock, white crepe paper and glue.  They worked up fast and are so cute. I wanted to share this idea and give you plenty of time to get the supplies.  Directions can be found on the link below:
Hershey Bar Mummies

Fall - Hershey Mummies - 4x6

“Yea – I’m looking at you.”

Don’t be fooled thinking things like this are just for the kiddos.  I made them and gave them to coworkers.  One of them kept it on her desk for the entire year.  When I asked her why she hadn’t had her treat, she said she kept it as a reminder of someone thinking of her and it made her happy.  Funny it is the little things that often impact someone’s day and the days that follow.


Simple and Beautiful Tea Lights

I was at a work event and the table decorations caught my attention.  This would be very pretty in reds and greens for the holidays.  The light was from a battery operated tea light at the bottom of a candle holder with colored stones on top.

Centerpiece - Blue Light1

Blue Centerpiece and Cupcake