Favorite Product – Kitchen – Chopping Mat

This past weekend we went out to lunch and paid way too much for a salad.  Note to self:  Beware when they charge by weight at the salad bar.  But the Arizona weather was gorgeous and that made up for the poor use of our lunch monies.  After lunch we went to SurLaTable  (one of my favorite places) and my husband bought a new knife; and I came home with a cutting mat.  I’ve wanted to try one of these mats for awhile and now I wonder  – Why did I wait so long?  That night I was cutting potatoes for dinner and oh, it made the job so much easier to carry the potato pieces over to the pot of hot water and slide them in.  I love the colors and patterns offered on these mats are fun.  So I wanted to pass onto you – Cost – $14.95

Fav Prod - K - Cutting Mat