Thirty Years Ago

Tamara - little doll

Tonight I am flipping through a few photos.  They aren’t the beautiful digital pictures that are taken today but they are precious.  They are the things I’d try to grab if I could choose one thing in my house to take.  I wonder sometimes if it’s because photos didn’t come as easily back then as they do now.  We didn’t have digital – the ability to delete and take again.  You tried your best to capture what you could and hoped for the best when you picked up from the drug store after development.  (I got the brilliant idea to do this post tonight so I didn’t have time to scan – I just took a picture of a picture with my digital camera 🙂  But they’ll do – It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

 I look back at these images and see glimpses of the person I honor today.  I also see myself and smile at the journey of my own life and am so thankful.  My daughter is celebrating her 30th birthday.  My husband was hilarious when I told him I was gathering some photos for her birthday post.  He looked at me and said she is not 30 – we do not have a 30-year-old.  But we do and we are so proud of the woman she is – the wife – mother – stop me now – we’ll just say etc. etc.  So Tamara – I hope you enjoy seeing a few pictures of yourself on your special day. 

Tamara - Happy 1st Birthday Cake

 You loved care bears which seems very fitting since you have a caring heart. 

Tamara and Jeff - washing car

Helping daddy wash the car – oh, I remember this day.  You were just a little cranky – moms you know the kind of cranky where you just can’t figure out what to do.  You ended up falling head first into the bucket.  Little did we know that you would lifeguard for many years and meet your husband through that job. 

Tamara - stability ball

I had to use this picture since you have all of us in your online bootcamp using a stability ball to do planks or pikes.   

Tamara - handmade by God

You are truly God’s workmanship.  I promise most of the time we did a better job on your diapers.

Tamara and Debbie - love you this much

This picture is getting blurry but I love it.  It says what’s in my heart – that no matter how old you are – I love you this much.