Red, White & Blue Decorating

This year I started my decorating for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July a bit earlier than usual.  One word will make it clear what sparked my inspiration – Boston.  My heart ached for those who have been affected in body and spirit.  There are times in life we can make no sense of.  These times make it easy to concentrate on the darkness and forget that there are moments of light even in challenging times:  First responders and citizens switching to auto pilot and doing the unthinkable to help, people opening their homes to strangers and the fact that we were newly reminded that hugging someone we care about is a blessing and not something we are entitled to.  So for me on this day – it was the simple act of sweeping my front porch and putting out a few things to help me remember not to lose heart.

I started with my welcome sign and hung my patriotic bear (a purchase from a thrift store for $1.00 a few years ago – all I needed to do is add eye screws).


 Several months ago while on another walk through Goodwill, I saw three yard sticks on a shelf way in the back.  They still had the tags on the stars that said “Glory” “Liberty” and “Freedom”  I remember thinking I didn’t need anymore decorations but then I realized it was 50% Saturday and as often happens they went into my cart.  I paid $4.50 for all 3.  Fast forward – when I saw how cute they looked I was very happy I didn’t listen to me.




The last thing I did was dress up my bench.  I put out two red pillows (yes – they still had the price tag on them at the Goodwill and I purchased them for $1.00 a piece).  I had an old rectangle pillow but it had seen better days.  So I took a piece of navy blue cotton fabric I had and wrapped it up like a present, securing with safety pins in the back.  I finished it off with a decoration of a cloth “yoyo” and ceramic bird button in the right hand corner.


It is amazing how much a clean entryway can brighten a mood.   Maybe it’s symbolic to dusting off the dirt in our lives – to take on a new look and make things just a little brighter for ourselves and others.

I would love to hear about one of your favorite ways to decorate – leave me a comment.



A little Inspiration for the Kitchen

Window Sill 2

Everyday I stand at this spot – it is a given – so I wondered why do I keep this one area so plain jane.  I recently read a post from Lemonademakinmama that inspired me to to do something about my kitchen window sill.  Check out the post:

So off to the thrift store to find an amazing navy blue ceramic bowl (handmade) for $1.00 – it was 50% off Saturday.  With some fresh apples and some other things I already had around the house I am finding that doing dishes is a bit nicer.  I appreciate the reminder of the saying on the sign more than I can tell you.

I then found this amazing recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake on mixandmatchmama  that went right along with my country theme – can’t wait to serve this for one of our upcoming Sunday dinners.  Because of our wheat sensitivities – I’ll be switching out the cake mix for other ingredients but my hope is to come up with a finished product that looks similar to the picture in the post below: