Day 7 May Blog Challenge – Critters

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Today’s topic in the blog every day in May Challenge is:

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of

Critters that are in places they shouldn’t be.  I have had the following experiences in our Arizona home.

1.  Once a live bird dropped down the fireplace.  My husband was on a business call in the office and I went in and quietly told him there was something fluttering in the chimney.  He waved me away – okay not going to take that personally – after all he was trying to provide for his family.  Let me just say that after his call he stuck his head into the fireplace and a great fluttering could be heard, soot dropped down and so did the bird which then began to  fly around our house.  We eventually were able to capture it and safely set it outside but not before it had left sooty wing marks on my kitchen ceiling.

2.  In the same fireplace we had bees – good grief – let’s just say that wasn’t a good day. 

But the worst…

3. Rat in our pool –  When my children were small,  my husband used to travel a lot for his job.  Once while he was away I went to clean out the skimmer basket of the pool.  We kept a couple of rocks in the basket to weigh it down.  I reached in to move some leaves and noticed something fuzzy.  Ugg – it couldn’t be but it was – complete with a tail.  Now I had learned to be pretty independent in those days fixing plumbing problems, etc but I just couldn’t do this.  So I called my 12-year-old neighbor over who looked at the dead fuzzy rodent, declaring it one of God’s creatures and asked me for a bag, skewer and  tongs from my kitchen.  I was so grateful he was there I gathered up what he asked for.  He was able to use these tools to remove the non living critter which was then bagged, sealed and delivered to our outside garbage can along with my  kitchen utensils.