Saying Goodbye to February

It’s amazing to think that February is almost over.  This month was full and I am happy to say that because of setting goals at the beginning of the month and then giving those goals to God I am pleased with the results.

Botanical Garden - Red Flowers

1. I persevered and my winner from the Calphalon giveaway in December received their dutch oven. Big thanks to my winner, Kim for her patience. Note – Calphalon felt badly about the delay and sent Kim the entire set of pans instead of just the dutch oven plus 2 waffle makers. Sometimes the wait is worth it.

2. My mom and I took a trip to the Botanical Gardens and then out to lunch and then a little shopping and then off to see the grand baby below. Girls just want to have fun.  I feel blessed to have these moments with my mom – when we are out exploring and catching up.

3. My husband and I were able to help with our grandson when our daughter who is expecting our sweet granddaughter got sick.  

4. Tax prep for 2013 should be done by the end of the month. Whoo Hoo! So glad to have this done.

5. Made homemade play dough for Caden and we had so much fun rolling and cutting.

6. Spent time with my son and his girlfriend.

7. Made a couple of new recipes.  

8. Scheduled quiet time with God.

9. Exercised and ate well (most of the time). Jeff and I did a personal training session together on Saturday morning. Hurt so good 🙂

10. Was asked to speak at Chandler Christian Church MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) group in April – very excited. Prayers appreciated as I prepare.

So all and all it’s been a good month. I’d love to hear about your February and remember there is still a week left so make a goal or two and see where you land by the end of the month.

Caden - Playdough