Determined Changes – May 2015

In February I began to use an at-home workout and nutrition program that continues to bring slow and steady progress to my healthy goals. If you missed the March post you can read HERE. Here are my Feb – April before and after progress pictures.

June Challenge Before and After

I am happy with the outside changes – it has been several years since I have seen my weight move in the downward direction and that is wonderful but here are some of the non scale victories (NSV) I am noticing:

1. My exercise has a greater variety to it and the 30 minutes I exercise most days is a happy fit for my body.
2. When I am exploring recipes I no longer gravitate to sugary desserts.
3. I am cooking differently when we have the family over for dinner. As I continue to learn about healthy ingredients and portion control, the huge spread (no pun intended) I used to provide at the table is simplified.
4. I am reconnecting with old friends and meeting a wonderful group of new friends who are encouraging my goals.
5. I am learning that we are always on our journey.  This is not a diet because diets tend to have an end date.  I am practicing a lifestyle that is something to practice each day – no end date.
6. The recipes I am creating now are foods that support my goals not foods that tempt me to eat foods that do not nourish my body.
7. I no longer have the cravings I did and am content (most days) with the healthy delicious food I fuel my body with.
8. I am no different than others. I must choose how I spend my time and money. If I want to make changes then both these area will need to affected to support my goals.

If you are interested in knowing more about what I’m doing, I am hosting a challenge group which starts June 1st and there is still time to join in using the program I’m utilizing.  Please click below for more information.

June Challenge FB Cover - final