Chest of Drawers Redo

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I love makeovers and this is one of my current favorites.

Melinda - Dresser After

What do I like about this project?  The colors, the way it is a bit distressed, the numbered drawers, the knobs, the fact that it will hold craft supplies, the simple decoration on top which leaves space for projects and most of all that it is something that has been in the family.  But the dresser didn’t always look like this:

Melinda - Dresser Before

Some people see an item and think its served its purpose and is no longer useful.  But there are others who see something that no one else can when they look at the same item.  What a gift to see the beauty in what is not immediately visible.  I think that is how God is with us.  He sees our beauty even when no one else can.  He knows our potential even when we begin to lose hope.  He knows because he created each of us.  He knows at any given moment we have what we need for just that moment – this is true not only in good times but the bad also.    So as you look at this amazing makeover my sweet friend, Melinda, accomplished on her grandfather’s dresser – take a moment.  Maybe you are having a day where you feel like the old dresser – worn, tired and not knowing your purpose.  There is no way this dresser could breathe new life in it by itself.  It needed someone to sand, paint and restore it for a brighter tomorrow.    

for I know the plans 4 x 6

Below are Melinda’s words on how to accomplish this project:

Yes, I am self-professed Pinterest fanatic… However, I actually love to ‘do’ what I ‘pin’. The proof of my fanaticism is seen throughout my house, including my soon to be craft room (thanks to my sweet hubby for putting a hold on his office, so I could have some ‘me’ space). I am blessed with two beautiful amazing daughters, but neither of them have an affinity towards ‘Shabby Chic’ nor ‘French Country’, so now that I have a room for me… it is going to be plastered with ‘French Country Shabbiness’. Not sure what that really is, but I’m going to have fun trying to figure it out. 

The first ‘craft room’ project was a re-fashion of my grandfather’s dresser. The dresser wasn’t in the best shape, so I didn’t feel horrible painting it.   This is what I did…

(1). Searched on Pinterest for different color scheme ideas… that took some time, but who’s complaining?

(2). Went with a light gray paint (unfortunately, it looks more ‘white’ than ‘gray’) for the body of the dresser; I ‘chalk-defied’ (not really a word) the light gray paint with a ‘Chalk Paint’ recipe I found on Pinterest which used Plaster of Paris (of course I had to use ‘Plaster of Paris’ to go along with the ‘French’ theme of the craft-room)

(3). Painted the entire dresser, including the door fronts, the light gray ‘chalk’ paint; I’m not one who likes to do anything twice, but the dresser did need two coats of the chalk paint to look ‘complete’ 

(4). Painted a dark gray, nothing special than it was a dark gray paint, onto the door fronts 

(5). While the paint was drying, I ‘white washed’ the brass nobs with the light gray paint

(6). While the paint was drying a tad more, I went onto the computer and found the font I wanted to add to the front of the dresser doors… I traced them onto the doors with old fashion tracing paper and hand painted the images (trying to stay within the traced lines) with a simple black craft paint, a brush, and a semi-steady hand

(7). Once the paint was dry, it was time to ‘Shab-up’ the dresser with sand paper around the edges

(8). I sealed the dresser by applying a clear paste wax


Thanks, Melinda, for sharing your creative gifts with us and I am confident you will discover your French Country Shabbiness.

I always enjoy hearing from you.  What was your favorite part of this makeover?  Have you done a project where you’ve taken something old and repurposed it?