Hershey Bar Mummies

Several years ago I made these out of Hershey Bars, googly eyes, black card stock, white crepe paper and glue.  They worked up fast and are so cute. I wanted to share this idea and give you plenty of time to get the supplies.  Directions can be found on the link below:
Hershey Bar Mummies

Fall - Hershey Mummies - 4x6

“Yea – I’m looking at you.”

Don’t be fooled thinking things like this are just for the kiddos.  I made them and gave them to coworkers.  One of them kept it on her desk for the entire year.  When I asked her why she hadn’t had her treat, she said she kept it as a reminder of someone thinking of her and it made her happy.  Funny it is the little things that often impact someone’s day and the days that follow.