Water – It’s a Choice!


I am on Day 5 of a Free 5-Day Happy Hydration Challenge with a wonderful group of women.  We are learning and encouraging each other about the importance of staying hydrated, especially with water.

Water Cups 

 I bought 2 new cups before I started the challenge as a motivator but I have to admit that drinking water is something I need to be intentional about.  I get busy and pretty soon the day is halfway gone and I am not where I want to be.   Making right choices isn’t easy.  It comes with effort.  It means I need to set aside something I want to do at that minute and course correct.

Here are a few ideas on how to infuse your water with flavor

Water Challenge - Citrus

Twenty years ago I was a mess. I had headaches, no energy, and brain fog. I was in my life but at the same time I felt like I was looking through a thick piece of plastic watching my life happen. Once my young son asked me how many dimes were in a dollar and I couldn’t find the answer in my mind.  That motivated me to make a doctor’s appointment.  After a 6-hour glucose test, the diagnosis came back that I was hypoglycemic – my blood sugar would dip into the 60’s.  The way I coped – feed myself sugar or simple carbs – feel good for a little bit – then nose dive again with my body screaming for more sugar and simple carbs.  A terribly vicious circle.  I’ve never had a substance abuse problem but I believe their must be some similarities.

That day I left the doctor’s office with a list of foods to avoid and a list of recommended foods. I was relieved that I had an answer but I also felt pretty sorry for myself – okay I’ll admit I was having a full blown pity party for something I enjoyed doing was researching recipes, making those recipes, sharing what I made and eating those recipes.  And now most of those items used for doing what I loved were staring back at me under the column titled AVOID on the piece of paper I held in my hands.

I complained to a friend who had the same condition “Look at all the foods/beverages I can’t have anymore.” She was a little older and lot wiser and she challenged me with “Look at all the foods you can eat.” Later at her house she asked me what I’d like to drink? “Well,” I responded “I can’t have anything but water.” I will never forget her words to me  “No, Debbie, you can choose whatever you want to drink. God gives you the freedom of choice. Now what do you choose?” I did some growing up that day. I’d asked for help – I had received it. I wanted to know what was wrong – I knew. But did I truly want to make the changes necessary to better my life. What was I willing to give up – to learn to do differently? I had to ask myself why would I continue to make choices of putting something in my body that essentially hurt it.

Well, little did I know that someday I would have a blog where I shared recipes, be a health/fitness coach and be running a water challenge. God does have a sense of humor. Over the years my body has been my classroom as new health issues have come up but the same truth repeats itself – we are to honor our bodies and I think the best way we can do that is to stick to as many foods/beverages that are as close to what God put on this earth.


So I’m going to touch on soda…I used to be a soda drinker 20 years ago.  Then I bought into the occasional diet soda thinking calories were all that mattered. When we are thinking of fueling our body/hydrating our body just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean it counts like water. Be intentional with what you are putting in your body – it will will make a difference in the way you feel, think and what kind of energy you have. 

Now I don’t know about you but I’m heading to the kitchen to refill my water bottle.

To follow my nutrition/fitness journey and read how I’ve lost 16 inches in 4 months click HERE  I have a new 21-Day Challenge Group starting on June 29th.  The program I am using, 21 Day Fix, as well as as 21 Day Fix Extreme is  on sale through the month of June so it’s a great time to jump on board.  For those that battle hypoglycemia, the highs and lows of blood sugar that sugar and simple carbs produce this program is a great fit.  I eat 6 times a day using the nutrition program and it’s amazing how this allows my blood sugar to remain stable throughout the day.  I’m just a message away at debra.hallock@gmail.com.  We Can Do This Together.

My lastest published before and after pictures:

July Challenge - front


Determined Changes – May 2015

In February I began to use an at-home workout and nutrition program that continues to bring slow and steady progress to my healthy goals. If you missed the March post you can read HERE. Here are my Feb – April before and after progress pictures.

June Challenge Before and After

I am happy with the outside changes – it has been several years since I have seen my weight move in the downward direction and that is wonderful but here are some of the non scale victories (NSV) I am noticing:

1. My exercise has a greater variety to it and the 30 minutes I exercise most days is a happy fit for my body.
2. When I am exploring recipes I no longer gravitate to sugary desserts.
3. I am cooking differently when we have the family over for dinner. As I continue to learn about healthy ingredients and portion control, the huge spread (no pun intended) I used to provide at the table is simplified.
4. I am reconnecting with old friends and meeting a wonderful group of new friends who are encouraging my goals.
5. I am learning that we are always on our journey.  This is not a diet because diets tend to have an end date.  I am practicing a lifestyle that is something to practice each day – no end date.
6. The recipes I am creating now are foods that support my goals not foods that tempt me to eat foods that do not nourish my body.
7. I no longer have the cravings I did and am content (most days) with the healthy delicious food I fuel my body with.
8. I am no different than others. I must choose how I spend my time and money. If I want to make changes then both these area will need to affected to support my goals.

If you are interested in knowing more about what I’m doing, I am hosting a challenge group which starts June 1st and there is still time to join in using the program I’m utilizing.  Please click below for more information.

June Challenge FB Cover - final



Determined Changes

FebMar 2015 Before and After Pics

I posted something on Facebook this last week that took me almost 20 minutes to push the post button.  The reason it was so hard is because it was so real – so personal and yet one my biggest joys is sharing with my readers when I find something that works – a recipe, a new kitchen gadget or food product.  I had a “talk to myself moment” because I knew I was having success in an area that I haven’t in a long time – I mean years. Well, the Facebook post went live (see below for content) and what I discovered is there are quite a few of us out there that want to be healthy, want to have an exercise program but we just haven’t found the right fit.

So what I want to share with you is that post because today I finished my 63rd day of consistent exercise and am nourishing my body with clean eating (Because I enjoy cooking and have a wide knowledge of ingredients and styles, my meals have been nutritious and delicious).  In fact I’m probably eating more now than I was.   Slow and steady changes are happening and I’m excited.

Facebook Post from 4/14/15

Frustrated, clothes not fitting, skin breaking out was where I was the end of January.  I was going to the gym, eating healthy food and doing what I knew to do but my weight seemed to be climbing.   My family has a history of carrying weight and I wondered if this is just what my mid-50’s were going to look like for me.  I also have a few chronic health issues – permanent nerve pain from a case of shingles and interstitial cystitis (IC).  But in February I took a chance on a at-home, portion-controlled clean eating nutrition/fitness program which included support from others that were also working on their own goals.  All I needed to do was commit to doing my best with a 30-minute daily workout and eat nutritious food for 21 days.  I decided my definition of success would be to complete the 21 days and not focus on the scale.   That meant I needed to be intentional with my time and priorities.  There were times I didn’t use weights at all, there were times I needed to stop in between exercises but I didn’t quit.  I can’t tell you how proud I was to complete the first 21 days and the feeling of inner and outer strength I gained is priceless.  After another round of the program I was down 5 lbs and had said goodbye to 12.5 inches.  I am so thankful for the tools this program provides – being able to workout from home on my schedule, modifications that don’t require any jumping, an easy to apply nutrition plan that teaches how much we need of certain foods and the group encouragement and accountability has been a huge gift.  So I’m taking a big breathe and doing something out of my comfort zone because taking pictures of myself hasn’t been high on my list and posting some Feb before pictures and end of March after pictures because I believe there may be others who are looking for a program that can move them from where they are today.  If my story has inspired you, I want to invite you to be a part of Challenge Group that will be starting on May 4th with me.   Let’s learn to together to be advocates for our health so we can live this life to the best of our ability.

 For more information on whether the program I’m using might be a good fit for you, please comment below or email me at debra.hallock@gmail.com.