Interview with the Happy Herbivore – Lindsay Nixon

Several weeks ago I had the chance to interview Lindsay Nixon, the creator of the Happy Herbivore Blog.   Lindsay is a creative cook, an excellent blogger and a plant strong educator.   Her new cookbook, Happy Herbivore Abroad, is available on Amazon just in time for the holidays.  I’m helping my husband with his Christmas shopping so he can present me with a wrapped up copy of this cookbook on the 25th of December.  I can already imagine myself snuggled down with a cup of hot tea and the new recipes.

Check out the interview below and the Blueberry Bundt Cake Recipe – Happy Herbivore shared from her cookbook.  I did a test run of the cake – yum! It is so good.  If you’ve never tried baking without eggs and butter, this is an excellent recipe to start with.

Lindsay has inspired and encouraged me on more than one occasion with her blog, recipes and 7-Day Meal Plan.  So without further ado – here is the interview – all in Christmas colors:

~The Interview~
Deliciously Inspired:  How did the Happy Herbivore come about?
Happy Herbivore:  I started blogging back in 2007. I’d tried a few different blog names, all with “herbivore” in the title, when my friend Kiki suggested “Happy Herbivore” and it stuck. My blog was a creative outlet for me for many years — I had no idea what it would turn into. So often I marvel at the journey… from blog to book, to bestseller, to 6 books to company...
Deliciously Inspired:  What is your favorite recipe you have created?
Happy Herbivore:  Asking a chef to pick their favorite recipe is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child 🙂
Deliciously Inspired:  Do you have a funny kitchen story – maybe sometime when things didn’t go as planned when you were cooking?
Happy Herbivore:  I have a bad habit of forgetting the top on my blender 🙂

Deliciously Inspired:  What is your favorite kitchen tool?

Happy Herbivore:  A good, sharp knife.

Deliciously Inspired:  How many people keep Happy Herbivore going?

Happy Herbivore:  Well there’s me, then there is my husband Scott who does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work — web admin stuff mostly. I have an amazing and wonderful assistant, Lindsey Talene who does everything and anything she can to help me run Happy Herbivore. Ruby helps out with photography for the meal plans (she is so talented!). Lacey runs my instagram and helps me out with Facebook and Twitter when I’m traveling (Lindsey Talene does too). We also have videographers and web designers that we call on as-needed. Then of course there is my amazing team of testers who test all recipes while my cookbooks are being written and then there is the team at my publisher that takes my manuscript and turns it into a book! Lots of hands! 

How long did it take you to create your new cookbook?
I write recipes for 3-4 months, but then it takes 6-9 months to make the actual book.

What new things did you learn while creating your new cookbook?

Every cookbook I write has it’s challenges and quirks. Abroad has so much of me in the book — lots of stories and memoir bits. I was surprised by it; how much I enjoyed writing. I might even write a memoir now.

What are your dreams for the Happy Herbivore for the next 5 years?

Everyday that I get to do what I do is a dream come true. I still owe my publisher 3 more books, so I’ll be busy for a while 🙂

What advise do you have for someone who is interested in starting a food blog?

Know what your goals are with the blog — what are you hoping to accomplish with it. 

What’s your favorite color and does that affect how you photograph your creations?
Green. I don’t really use much green in my photos, except onion and lime garnishes…

~The End~