Christmas 2014

Well, I promised to share some of my favorite Christmas decorations and thought I’d see what I could do in a few minutes.

First I want to share something I read this morning that touched my heart…Christmas

This has been a year of scaling back the gifts/effort spent in the kitchen and increasing time and money spent on others – it’s been a good experience.   

Christmas - Gingerbread Bag
Amazing what can be created with a paper bag and cloth.

Cookie - Jesus
My daughter decorated the Jesus cookie – it’s my favorite.

My aunt does beautiful needlework and we all have a stocking she has created for each of us. Here are two.

Stocking - Tamara

Stocking - Evan

Christmas - Card Holder
This was given to me when I worked at an elementary school years ago. I made the pillow last year out of burlap.

This will be my last planned post of 2014 – taking time to be with family. I pray that your Christmas is filled with His presence and His Joy (Jesus Only You).

Sincerely, Debbie


What I’m listening to

Music is the language of the heart.  It often speaks to our brains in a way that regular communication can’t.  Sometimes there aren’t words and sometimes it feels as if kindness, encouragement, hope are being poured out on the hurts we carry. 

Colony House2

There is a new band called Colony House and their first album is my new favorite.  It has great music with a message that gives it  a lasting quality – not “one hit” wonders.  It’s not all that surprising that I would be drawn to this music – after all I’ve listened to their dad’s music for over 25 years, read their mother’s book and followed their family story over the past few years.  These young men have lived and experienced more than a human would ever sign up for But God continues to use their lives for His good and dare say the good of others.  Learn more about their story HERE

This was Mary Beth’s (two of the band member’s mom) Facebook post the morning of July 23, 2014 regarding Colony House:

“I am smiling today with tears rolling down my cheeks… A very very good thing! I am humbled and thankful for all of our friends and family who have walked through the fire that forged this project. THANK YOU! To the Giver of all gifts… Thank You Jesus for holding Will Franklin Chapman in your grip every step of the way. This story is one of a marathon, and not a sprint… We will SEE one day the full redemption Willy… just you wait! You have been brave.. Your lungs are full and your body is indeed breathing… and Maria will indeed take your hand…she loves you so much. Keep your hope… and don’t be afraid of your questions, for it is in the questions that we find God. He holds all the answers and until heaven, we walk with a limp, but we walk together as family, holding each other upright. Caleb Chapman, there is not an older brother on the planet that has held what you have held… you possess the wisdom and the strength of a mighty warrior. In the bible, Caleb was the first to speak up and say… “let’s go and conquer this land”…. which is what I pray you do for the land your headed needs redeemed and conquered! Your name means whole-hearted, and that is how you have loved Willy Frank… stay the course and take the land! Scott Mills you my friend and “adopted son” have been a vital part of the journey. Your friendship to my boys couldn’t have come at a better time. You are faithful and we have noticed… I know your family is so proud… and you need to know we love you and count you as our own! Jillian Edwards and Julia Chapman…. you are the real rock stars….. you hold them up and send them out with so much love and support… It makes this Momma smile! I couldn’t have asked for better wives and partners for my boys… For you I have prayed… and God answered with you two … I love you both so much.. ok, I’m done… To everyone who believed… I am humbled…. be blessed… “

Every life will have times we don’t understand – times we are asked to sink or swim.  Times when it’s just too big and we feel like we are drowning in the unknown of the whys. – as if an octopus has us and just keeps pulling us down.   I know I have felt this way at times in my own life and know it’s only because of my whispering “Help” to God that the oxygen mask of his love and those He sent my way kept me moving.  

So if you are looking for something new to listen to.  Take a listen to what the children of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman and their friend, Scott, have been up to.  The transparency that is shared in these songs are so very powerful and I know it took such great courage but I believe God is already using the songs to bring an encouragement, healing and hope that points us to Jesus to a hurting world.

Colony House

Take a listen – available on iTunes or M3 download – I am happy to have new music to listen and workout to.


Note – This is not a paid promotion but an offered opinion.  However if you should purchase anything that is linked a small bit of money will come my way to help support the cost of Deliciously Inspired and for that I am very appreciative.