A Week In Review – 5/17/14

Funny how sometimes the first time we see something, someone or try a new thing, it doesn’t make much of an impression.  In fact we may feel beauty can’t be found.  But I received flowers for Mother’s Day which are a lovely lesson that we should not easily toss something that hasn’t reached it’s full potential.   

MD 2014 - unopened

Let me set the stage – it’s about 3:00 p.m. the Saturday before Mother’s Day and my doorbell rings.  By the time I get to the door I can hear a truck’s engine moving down the road and see that someone (my son and girlfriend) has sent me flowers.  I open the overheated  long, rectangular box on my kitchen table and am not surprised to see a wilted looking bundle of stalks that are tightly tied.   My first thought is “What a shame – the heat has done a number on these.” but then I see a note tucked next to the gift – “Give your flowers several hours in water and watch them bloom.”  Truly I wasn’t at all sure water and a few hours could do anything but there was something about that message – It’s a 4-letter word – H O P E.  You see on that day I could relate to how these flowers looked because I was in a bit of a “wilt” myself.  So I cut 2 inches off the stems as instructed and into the vase of water they went.  I wish I had taken a picture of them at this stage – maybe you can just trust me that they were pretty sad.

The picture above was taken about 4 hours later and they are looking about 75% better than they did.  Water is amazing in the way it can take something tired and start breathing life back in.  I think this is why Jesus says he is the living water.

MD 2014 - Opened

But day after day a miracle took place – the leaves became greens and the weathered looking blooms began to open into glorious beauty.  After a week the blooms began to droop and I began to think my enjoyment was coming to a close.   Then my genius husband placed fresh water in the vase and they were as good as new. 

Pipe - Monterey

Picture taken in Monterey, California

I’ve been doing some reading this week – The first book is, Calm my Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow   I’ve read this book many times  and continue to glean nuggets I want to practice in my life.  The other book is one that was recommended after I attended a course at work The Resilience Factor by Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte and I’m learning a lot from that also.  Resilience is a word we don’t hear that often – we hear strength, courage, buck up buttercup (well maybe most of you don’t hear that one) but you get the picture but resilience is “reaching out” in both hard times and new adventures.  

Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

If you missed the posted recipe this week, here it is one more time.  Chocolate Coconut Protein Smoothie  In this link I’ve listed my favorite blender and protein powder choices. 

Cookie Add Ins

This idea was inspired by ice cream and yogurt stores and even salad bars that allow you to “have it your way.”  When you want an assortment of cookies but don’t want to be in the kitchen all day – try this Cookie Tip.  Start with a chocolate chip cookie batter  but don’t add the chocolate chips in yet. Divide batter into thirds and mix in different combinations of chocolate chips (milk, semi-sweet, dark, white, mint and butterscotch), shredded coconuts, chopped nuts,  cut up candy bars (snickers, milky way, etc)  Bake and soon you’ll have a nice variety of cookies with just one batch of dough.  I use my scraper/chopper for so many tasks in the kitchen.

saying - gratitude

I hope you had a good week. We are excitedly waiting the arrival of our sweet princess granddaughter.  It’s my hope that next week I’ll be able to share what I have packed in my Grandma Hospital Bag – hey mamas of mamas need to be prepared when that happy call comes (especially if I’m at work and in a dress). I’d love you to share something from your week in the comment area.


A Week In Review – 5/10/14

Here is a glimpse into my week…

Mother's Day 2014 - Essence Bakery
This year I took my mom, daughter (and my granddaughter who we will meet in a couple of weeks) to a local French bakery on Friday to celebrate Mother’s Day.  We feasted on Chicken Pot Pie, Quiche Lorraine, croissants and dessert treats.  We left with happy tummies.  The mini fruit tart was my favorite.

Macaroons - Baking A Moment
Here is where I found my inspiration for my French themed Mother’s Day Celebration..One night I was taking a few minutes to check out new blogs and ran across Allie at Baking A Moment. I love the title of her blog because I believe food helps create special moments and when I looked at her picture I almost felt like I could reach in and help myself to one of the macaroons.

Looking Up
There is something about laying on the grass with the lens of the camera pointing upward. There are so many things to take notice of- the shapes and colors of the leaves are all so different just like each of us.  The ash tree truck and branches reach toward the sunshine and the sky is full of possibilities.

Contigo Water Bottle
This is my favorite new product – Contigo Water Bottle.  The top opens and closes with one finger.  It fits nicely in my car and in the gym machine water holders.  The design of the holder is great when your hands are full – two fingers is all you need.  On Saturday I celebrated Mother’s Day with my son and girlfriend.  We went to a fitness class (I filled up my water bottle twice) and although I modified most of the moves I burned 691 calories in an hour.  

What Kind of Mom - Pinterest
I came across some writing I had done back in the late 90’s and decided to start posting on the blog.  In case you missed – You can Click Here

Saying - I don't want to brag
A little something funny..

I’d love for you to share something that happened in your week.




A Week In Review – 5/3/14

I took a peek at my Deliciously Inspired Facebook posts this week which are often different from what I post on the web and thought this is really a good collection of ideas.  Then I thought how nice it would be to have them all located in one post – almost like we were sitting down having a glass of iced tea over a kitchen table sharing what went on in my week.

Geraniums - April 2014

I am continually learning about taking pictures and sometimes I’m given a gift using my camera on my cell phone.  I took this photo while at Arizona State University – Tempe location early one morning.  The lighting was perfect and I’ve paired it with a quote from Nicholas Winton  “Sometimes we spend too much time concentrating on the past and not enough on the present or future.”  I had never heard of Mr. Winton until he was featured on 60 Minutes and this man’s action and humbleness is definitely inspiring.  It’s surprising the good people do in this world and how much of it never gets much notice.  For more information on Nicholas Winton’s amazing story – Click  HERE   

GC Meatballs-Finished2

If you are new to my blog you may not know that I’m using a 1940 Cookbook of my grandmothers and tweaking one recipe a month.  Here is the April 2014  – Gluten Free Italian Meatballs. When you go into my post you’ll also see some Amazon links to some of the products I use. I think the links are working now but I’ve had a few hiccups. One thing I’ve learned about having a blog is perseverance is essential.

Shoe - Emergency Room - April 2014

Somedays are full of uncertainty – especially when someone we love isn’t feeling well.  This picture was also taken with my phone while I waited in the Hospital Emergency Room.   I think the imperfection of this blurry photo of my shoe illustrates  (and even the bigger font) what this experience feels like when the tiredness is becoming more prevalent, the patience you walked in with has all but disappeared and the stories of the people sitting in the cramped space don’t seem nearly as interesting as they did when you first arrived.   Quite a contrast from the geranium photo above. 

Thai Salad

One Minute Cake - ss

The normal things of the week are such gifts after spending 9 hours in the emergency room – even cleaning out the refrigerator.  I was faced with looking at what was available in our kitchen and what it could be made into.  I had a box of Spelt Rotini Pasta, some veggies, dressing, 1/2 piece of cooked chicken, a few strawberries and about 1/4 cup of whipping cream and came up with these two dishes.  Thai Pasta Salad  (This recipe is part of a downloadable cookbook – $4.99 – titled A Few Favorites.  All proceeds go to Children’s Cancer Network) and One Minute Cake – Strawberry Shortcake.   Not bad for not having much.

Geraniums 2

This the same picture at the top but just cropped differently.  Funny how the same picture can look so differently when we concentrate on a portion of what is visible.  The beauty of the pink petals sings “Heavenly hands created me.” Also if you are looking for some fun ideas of how to celebrate Mother’s Day – check out this post from LouLouGirls  

ikea - pitchers
The big stores are not my favorite to visit so when my husband wanted to go to Ikea – I went UGG!  Looking back I’m glad we went because we found nicely designed pitchers for our refrigerator.  We like our iced tea – especially with the weather here in AZ reaching it’s 100 + degree days. Here are two of our favorite teas from China Mist – Passion Fruit and Blackberry Jasmine.  By the way this pitcher was only $4.99.   It also comes in Blue. 

Saying - Interpretive Daning10251986_10152372221176138_1859141054113362480_n
And of course we always need to keep our sense of humor so I’m borrowing this (source unknown)