Why I Stepped Away From Beachbody Workouts

IMG_2019It’s been a year and half since I started to take care of myself on a consistent basis.  The key word being “consistent.”  Definition of consistent:  continuing to happen or develop in the same way.  I like the word “develop” because to me it means continued growth.  When I started in February 2015 I was traveling through a time of taking care of others better than taking care of myself and I knew I needed a sustainable plan.   I started with Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix and then BodyBeast.  I will forever be grateful for the people who came into my life during this time.  Encouragement was given, habits were modified, personal systems were put into place and I became healthier and more confident. I discovered what did and didn’t work for me.  I learned I liked to workout at home (time saver – no travel time), go at my own pace and didn’t try to keep up with others, could pause if I needed to, wasn’t dependent on the weather, I worked out when it was best for my schedule, and I like lifting – who knew?

This July, I decided to shake out of my comfort zone with the programs mentioned about and began a 3 1/2 month weight lifting program called STS by Cathe Friedrich.  STS stands for Shock Training System.  Each of the 36 workouts are different which helps decrease boredom but also keeps the body constantly challenged thus maximizing muscle confusion.  The workouts were a bit longer than I was used to (45-65 minutes) but were only done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  After each 4-week meso session, there is 1 week of active rest (walk, yoga, etc.)

I liked the pace of these workouts; there is a lot of instruction on correct form. I liked that they weren’t repetitive.   I didn’t know what the instructor was going to say or what exercise was coming next.  I floundered at first lifting 5 or 8 lb weights – there were many exercises I was doing for the first time.   But by end of my fourth week, I could see progress.


When I finished the program in October, I was lifting 12 and 15 lbs consistently. I had doubled my lifting power and this 58-year-old woman felt good about that. It is very important for women to lift.  Read more.  I know this is a program I will repeat.  

It is my goal to live the days I have to the best of my ability and I know that in order to do that, it is my responsibility to make movement and nutrition a priority.  I don’t do it perfectly but I do it much better than I used to.  I used to think I didn’t have time to exercise because I was toooooo busy or I felt too ill  – now I know that non-impact exercise helps keep me away from more visits to doctors, helps my pain level from chronic conditions (Interstitial Cystitis and Postherpetic Neuralgia, my thoughts are clearer, gives me more energy, puts me in a better mood, and so much more.  It truly is one of the best non-pill medication we can give ourselves.  Being real – I will tell you I had several weeks during this program where I struggled with consistent Interstitial Cystitis pain.  But I persevered and found back with my own consistency and didn’t miss a single workout.

Listing links of programs I’ve used and found success with.  They range in type of program length and cost:

Cathe On Demand – stream workouts to your computer, phone, iPad

Cathe Friedrich STS Program

For more information – Here

Cathe Friedrich Low Impact HITT

Cathe Friedrich Low Impact Series – Yoga Max

Beachbody 21 Day Fix and Body Beast – Angie Rivera – contact: angiegirlfitness@gmail.com

Leslie Sansone 5 Day Ultimate Walk Plan

Leslie Sansone 5-Mile Mega Walk

Some at-home exercise equipment I have found useful

Weights in Varying Sizes –  (This should be based on what you need) 3 lb, 5 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb

Weight Rack


Exercise Bands

Peanut Ball


Anke and Wrist Weights



Hydroflask – This is my favorite water bottle – Read Why Here

hydro flask

hydro flask

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The Workout Mama Bootcamp


Hello Deliciously Inspired friends.  You know I love passing on things that inspire me with the hope that an idea or two will enhance your lives.  Today is about exercise and something I am finding very helpful.

Movement is a gift – it starts in the womb.  We watch newborns stretch their freed limbs.  Infants find their mobility and will practice endlessly until they are toddling about exploring their world.  Children play.  Then we grow up and forget in our busyness that we are meant to move and a vicious cycle starts because without that movement we atrophy and become unhealthy.  Even if you are thin – you are not necessarily healthy without movement.  And if you have a desk job or sit a lot – here is what researchers are finding:

“Most of us spend a lot of our day sitting.  And while perching behind a desk may not sound like high-risk behavior, research shows that just 20 minutes in your favorite desk chair causes key ligaments in your spine to overstretch, leaving you stuck in a closed-off position, or “flexion,” that can take up to two days to fully undo.”  The Perfect Warm-Up, Dr. Andrew Heffernam, CSCS, Experience Life Magazine, April 2013

Movement looks different each day.  For example I just finished my first workout in two weeks because of bronchitis.  This morning I felt like I should be given an award just to get out of bed let alone put on my workout clothes.  I did less than I normally  do but I couldn’t be more proud of myself.   My success is in part because of an innovative idea my daughter (aka – Tamara; aka – The Workout Mama) created.  It works for people of all ages – beginner to advanced.  I love that this allows me to workout at home and the personal trainer comes to me in emails and video.  No thinking – just doing.

I completed Session 1 and got through 3 weeks of Session 2 of The Workout Mama’s Bootcamp before I got sick but today I did her FREE Santa Workout and it’s my plan to follow this program in December and start back up with The Workout Mama Bootcamp that starts in January.  I know I may sound like an info commercial but it’s a smoking deal (5 weeks of workouts, Facebook accountability group, workout in your home when it is convenient for you and only $40.00).

I’ve lost 5 pounds and 3.5 inches since starting.  So thank you, Tamara, for this free session.  With all those goodies out there right now – this is a tool that will help keep me on track.

So I’m inviting you to check out this FREE Christmas Mini Bootcamp Session and join me as we move these bodies God has given us.  You may just give yourself the best gift this December and a head start on that “January I need to get healthy” thinking.   Who knows this just might be something that will work for you also.