Patience and Pot Roast with Calphalon

I am so thankful to have a guest post to share with you since the last few days my attention has been given to family as we welcome Maisie Elizabeth into our hearts and lives.  Here is a quick picture of our sweet princess. 

Maisie-Coming Home 

Back in December of 2013 I was given the opportunity of a product review/giveaway for Calphalon on my blog.  I enjoy sharing products and ideas that have worked for me and I’d been using this cookware for many years.  I was asked to choose anything on their site –  a shallow wide dutch oven caught my eye.  Within a short period of time I had the pan, created a recipe and was hosting a giveaway so one of my readers could also have this pan shipped to them.  Rafflecopter randomly chose Kim as the winner.  She was so happy which made me so happy.  Up until this point the product review process had gone without a hitch.  Little did I know that Kim and I were in for a bonding experience, a time when the scripture she uses (Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.) was often called to my mind because week after week after week the dutch oven that Calphalon had agreed to ship didn’t make it to her.  Kim is a talented blogger and cook over at Pouring Down Like Rain.  Please Click on the link below as Kim tells of our adventure that required patience and perseverance and shares a roast beef recipe with all of us.  
Now Drum Roll Please…
PDLR-Pot Roast3
Recipe can be found on link above picture
THANKS, KIM, for sharing…..
Also please know that the Calphalon Contemporary 8.5 quart Dutch Oven is everything I had hoped it would be and continue to recommend it.