Petal Cookies

Petal Cookies - Finished
Turn a simple sugar cookie recipe into something special.  Here’s how.
Start with a sugar cookie recipe 

Petal Flowers-Cut and Sprinkled1

Roll into balls.  Use sprinkles on top of  ball.  Chill for about 30 minutes in freezer.  With a pair of kitchen scissors, cut in half but do not go all the way through.  Cut in half the other way.  And then one more time until you have 6 sections. 

Petal Flowers - Spreading Petals

Gently spread petals with fingers. Bake per sugar cookie recipe but watch carefully – you want them to be set and a light golden brown.  Remember cookies continue to bake as they sit on a cooling rack.

Petal Cookies - Baked

Cool completely.  Place a dollop of frosting in center and then top with a mini or regular size chocolate chip.