Instant Pot Recipe Sources

I often get asked where I find my recipes for the The Instant Pot.  In fact my friend, Ellen, asked me a few minutes ago.  It’s been on my list to post so thanks Ellen for the motivation.  For someone who was timid about using the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker over a year ago and sat 20 feet away while I did the water test, it now has a permanent place on my kitchen counter.  I started with the brown rice, quinoa and steel oats recipes from the cookbook that came with the appliance. Soon I wanted a little more and begin branching out into blogs which then led me to some amazing cookbooks.  There are times I’ll take two recipes from different sources and tweak it to my palate.  

Here are two of my favorite instant pot cookbooks.  Also be sure to check out their websites – there is a lot of valuable information and recipes. 


Instant Loss

This Old Gal’s Pressure Cooker Cookbook


This Old Gal

Instant Loss

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Instant Loss

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Appliances are only as good as the recipes going into them.  Pictured below is Chicken Tortilla Soup from the Instant Loss Cookbook.  This recipe is quick and delicious because everything goes into the pot  at once and 13-15 minutes later it is done.  I am a big fan of homecoming because unlike going out to eat – the cook is in control of what ingredients and how much of those ingredients go in.



Easy Birthday Get Together


Today we gathered to celebrate the fall birthdays in our family. With a little planning, we were able to go to church and get back in time for everyone to have chili and of course, cake and ice cream for dessert.  It was our first family celebration together in our new house.  We all headed out to the backyard to eat.  I had saved a rug so we could lay it down for the children (and grandma).  The weather was beautiful and Maisie explored geckos and flowers with Aunt Rhiannon, Uncle Evan taught Caden how to use the bubble gun, and laughter and gentle conversation were lovely background noise – all moments I cherish.  Let me talk about the fun an inexpensive bubble gun can create with small children and keep the adults hands bubble liquid free.  Here is one similar to what we have.   The food was simple – the people were precious and the time together was priceless.

Here is how it all came about.  The weekend before I combined the the ingredients for Pumpkin Turkey Chili.  I made 2 batches and froze each batch in a ziplock bag which was placed in a bowl and frozen.  I did this so it can be placed in my Instant Pot.  However, it could be cooked on top of the stove after it was thawed.  This saved me a lot of time.  On Saturday, I set out on the counter for a few hours to thaw and then placed in refrigerator.  In the morning I placed both ziplock bags in the Instant Pot and placed on Saute for 5 minutes.  This will heat up any of the contents that may be still be frozen.  I then locked the lid down and placed on Manual for 11 minutes.  Then I headed off to church.  When I got home I opened the lid and it was perfect.  I put the lid back on and kept on warm until we were ready to eat at 11:30 a.m.  On our kitchen island were all kind of toppings:  cheddar cheese, diced green onions, diced cilantro, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and chips.

While I was putting the chili together for the freezer the week before, I also made up a Banana Cake.  It was cooled on the counter, covered with foil and placed in the freezer.  Last night I took it out and placed on the counter to thaw.  This morning before church I made up the vanilla buttercream frosting, made up the birthday banner from Lemonade Moments 

By the time I got home from church, I diced the onions and cilantro and got all the fixings ready to go.  The plastic bowls and spoons were put out and we were ready to enjoy each other’s company rather than being in the kitchen.








Deliciously Inspired Get Fit for Fall Bootcamp

Fall Challenge Picture

Have you ever hit one of those seasons in life where you feel like you’ve been sucker punched?  You notice that your energy doesn’t go as far as it used to, you tend to be more forgetful, have headaches, and weight gain seems to be your friend?  These times happen because we live this thing called life and the healthier we are the better we manage through what may come our way.  

Maybe you’ve had a new baby (recently or 30 years ago), or have little ones running around, or life is asking you to take care of a loved one who is ill or you just haven’t had the opportunity to learn what a healthy lifestyle looks like and you’ve started to believe there isn’t time to take care of yourself.  Don’t believe that for a moment.  It’s a lie and one we don’t want to take up residence in our minds.  It is true that time may not be as  abundant as it once was but we are smart and can find ways around that as we learn to manage our time and not let time manage us.  Often the very thing we hesitate to implement is the very component that is needed the most in our lives.  

What happens when we get sucker punched? – we hit back by finding tools that work and establish healthy habits to get us on track to live inspired lives that explore and laugh despite what we are going through.

I’m looking for 5 women who have 5-10 pounds they would like to say goodbye to or perhaps build strength in those arms and legs that do so much for us.  It is amazing what can happen when the right tools are applied consistently.  After years of trying to manage some sucker punches of my own, I finally saw results when I applied daily 30-minute at-home workouts, proper nutrient-dense fuel and frankly quit working so hard at it.  

Ladies – we are moving toward the October, November and December of our year – you know the time when holidays and more holidays magically appear.  Building healthy habits in regards to movement, nutrition with daily check-ins and coaching support is not anything those I work with have ever said “I wish I wasn’t taking care of myself.  I wish I was still carrying that extra weight around.  I wish I had less energy.  I wish I didn’t know what foods to look for in the grocery store and different ways to fix them that don’t take half a day in the kitchen but taste delicious.”

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Get Fit for Fall Bootcamp

The Get Fit for Fall Bootcamp will start on September 7th.   It is recommended that tools are in place by September 1st.

What can you expect?
**A workout plan that fits into your busy schedule and is not dependent on good weather.
**Nutrition Program that is common sense and teaches portion control but remembers a treat now and then is good for the soul.
**Daily Accountability and support from a fitness coach that is applying the same tools to her own life that will help you toward your goals
**Affordable and value driven programs that will leave you funds to buy smaller size clothing

You are Unique – you are Special and no one can make a difference in the world in the same way as you can.  God doesn’t make carbon copies so let’s get started taking care of these bodies and living lives of intention.

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