Christmas 2014

Well, I promised to share some of my favorite Christmas decorations and thought I’d see what I could do in a few minutes.

First I want to share something I read this morning that touched my heart…Christmas

This has been a year of scaling back the gifts/effort spent in the kitchen and increasing time and money spent on others – it’s been a good experience.   

Christmas - Gingerbread Bag
Amazing what can be created with a paper bag and cloth.

Cookie - Jesus
My daughter decorated the Jesus cookie – it’s my favorite.

My aunt does beautiful needlework and we all have a stocking she has created for each of us. Here are two.

Stocking - Tamara

Stocking - Evan

Christmas - Card Holder
This was given to me when I worked at an elementary school years ago. I made the pillow last year out of burlap.

This will be my last planned post of 2014 – taking time to be with family. I pray that your Christmas is filled with His presence and His Joy (Jesus Only You).

Sincerely, Debbie