Thank you


Gluten Free Brownie

This last week Deliciously Inspired’s Facebook Page hit 1200.  I hadn’t been watching the numbers for awhile.  When I saw that my heart was filled with gratitude for all the support and encouragement my readers have extended to me.  So I want to say thank you and offer my downloadable cookbook  “A Few Favorites” for FREE to the first 50 people. There are 13 recipes which include Gluten Free Brownies, Yogurt Parfait, Chicken and Lentils. Here’s how: Go to the link listed. Click “A Few Favorites” Use this discount code – 1200DFF

You will receive an email on how to download. Enjoy and have a wonderful day – From my kitchen to yours, Debbie

Hugs, Debbie


Give Thanks

There are times when we find ourselves unable to do what we have customarily been able to.  These circumstances often don’t give us advance warning; there is no planning ahead. Right now I should be in my kitchen rolling out pie crust but instead I’m blogging about being Thankful when life takes an unexpected turn.  Why?  because it is impossible to make pie crusts flat on your back 🙂  A few days ago my injured back of 11 years ago decided to say hello with back spasms and numb legs.  A trip to the doctor brought it’s own gifts of medications, an excused note to be off of work for the week and follow up appointments.  Most of us will face times in life when our days look different than we anticipated.  It’s normal to not embrace these changes with open arms or to see the potential good that can result.  There are moments of tears and disappointment for what we thought would happen.  I think it’s important to go ahead and have those moments just don’t get stuck there for there is no moving forward in becoming stagnant in self pity.  One sure fired way to get moving is to count your blessings so I find it fitting that this has happened on the biggest holiday that by its very name reminds me to be thankful.  Here is my short list of what I am grateful for:

1.  I have a loving family that have taken ingredients and recipes out of my kitchen to make for dinner tomorrow night at our house.  I may be on the couch eating but we will be all together.
2.  I became a grandmother this year and although I may not be able to lift Caden today, I can stare into his precious face and watch him smile.
3.  I have health insurance and am being cared for.
4.  With amazing technology products, I can work from home, watch TV from my IPAD, and stay in touch with my friends and family.
5.  I can reevaluate what taking care of myself means for today:  rest, gentle stretching, eating nutritiously, filling my head with good thoughts, and deciding what I need to hand off to others in the weeks ahead to give myself time to heal.  
6.  I can start my Christmas shopping online which may be easier to stay in budget.

We all have a choice when things don’t go as we expect.  I will put my energies into taking care of myself in a different way until my body gets strong again.   For today is just today. It doesn’t color all my tomorrows.  I will be at the gym again, holding my grandchild and baking future pies but in order to get there I must treat today with the respect my body needs now.  

Each day is a gift from God.  It’s good to have goals and plans but write them in pencil in case they get changed.  

My husband just came in from seeing the new James Bond movie with my son-in-law.  (Truthfully, I’m pretty okay with not having gone to see this movie.)  But the large iced passion fruit  tea from AJ’s he brought in with him is a welcome sight.