A little Inspiration for the Kitchen

Window Sill 2

Everyday I stand at this spot – it is a given – so I wondered why do I keep this one area so plain jane.  I recently read a post from Lemonademakinmama that inspired me to to do something about my kitchen window sill.  Check out the post:  http://www.lemonademakinmama.com/2013/04/redecorranging.html

So off to the thrift store to find an amazing navy blue ceramic bowl (handmade) for $1.00 – it was 50% off Saturday.  With some fresh apples and some other things I already had around the house I am finding that doing dishes is a bit nicer.  I appreciate the reminder of the saying on the sign more than I can tell you.

I then found this amazing recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake on mixandmatchmama  that went right along with my country theme – can’t wait to serve this for one of our upcoming Sunday dinners.  Because of our wheat sensitivities – I’ll be switching out the cake mix for other ingredients but my hope is to come up with a finished product that looks similar to the picture in the post below: